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Thor Technologies treasure hunting instruments

Treasure Hunting Equipment for Land & Sea

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Thortech treasure hunting equipment
Thortech treasure hunting equipment

The ultimate challenge

The best in Long Range Locators


Treasure Hunting Equipment

Land & Sea

he Ultimate Challenge for Thor Technologies is providing, affordable prices, technologies to worldwide, Treasure Hunting & recovery, Land & Sea customers.

In some respects, the surface has only been scratched, in developing new technologies for Treasure locating and recovery. Thortech accept the challenge of providing the newest & latest technologies available.

f you are treasure hunting and looking for buried treasures on land or in the sea, then you have come to the right place.

This hobby is the most expensive of all leisure activities but it can also be the most rewarding.

This hobby is the most interesting of all activities on earth it combines unknown skills, history, fantasy, passion, adventure, and the spirit of obsession + it is the ultimate challenge to everyone involved in this quest.

Why sell equipment when you can go out and find all the treasures for your selves, well that is exactly what we are doing  as well. 

But there is always the discussion in between..

Welcome to the most interesting discovery of you life.. 


Thor's Hammer

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